black page

hey Lucas,

here’s a post for ya with some links and vids for you.  once the kid goes up to his room, and i don’t feel like a complete nit for doing it, i’ll do up a vid of some of the figures i was talking about.

the Black Page, looks like this . . .

The Black Page pg1

The Black Page pg2

i’m figuring you don’t read music?

which is fine, you can still look at it and see lots of groups of notes labelled as “3″ or “5″ or “7″ or even “11″.  those are definitely “odd” note groupings.

here is a link to someone actually playing the Black Page.  it sounds spastic.  but as you can tell from the sheet music, it’s a highly controlled, quite detailed spaz -out!

the song came out on the Zappa in New York album.

There’s a version of Black Page #1, and it’s follow up – Black Page #2 with Steve Vai doing guitar on it (he kicks in at say, 2:30 mark or so) on the you tubes as well.

Speaking of Vai – here is that vid with him chatting about his audition for Zappa.

Linda Ronstadt.  haha.